Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beginning the /a/dventure. Almost

Well since this is the very first post I suppose I am obligated to explain what the hell the purpose of all this is. The basic idea is that while I may be familiar with 4chan, I'm pretty far from being anything other then a rampant /b/tard that will gladly fap to anything from guro to Terri Schiavo.

I will adopt the tripfag name NLANF and use that for all my posts from now on on whatever board we may be learning. I say we but most likely it will just be me and I'll never get that delicious caek at the end of the rainbow that I was hoping for.

Moving on.

I'm starting with /a/ because it's the first letter of the alphabet, I am currently watching a fuckton of anime, and I figure that I am more likely to get some pageviews if I can appeal to both channers and weeaboos. This will be a long fucking process that I promise you because it involves me watching a lot of cartoons in order to acclimatize to the /a/ environment. As I watch the shit that /a/ tells me to, I will post here about the series, so that you, the reader, doesn't have to waste your life watching hundreds of hours of childrens programming. You are so lucky I am a selfless person arent you?